DOWC Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

DOWC Technologies Pvt Ltd. provides innovative technology solutions to the U.S. based Dealer Owned Warranty Company (DOWC®) and its affiliates. DOWC is the fastest-growing service contract provider and administrator in the United States. DOWC offers customizable F&I products, expertise in compliance, and a full suite of technology designed to optimize productivity and expedite claims adjustments, processing, and reporting.

For Automobile Dealers

DOWC provides a full suite of F&I products, including provider and administration services with a distinct focus on technology to drive efficiency.

For Automobile Buyers

DOWC provides a comprehensive range of vehicle service contracts and financial protection products to meet customers’ every need. Our products and services can save vehicle owners time and money while providing peace of mind so they can enjoy their vehicles while protecting their budget!

Focus on Technology

DOWC Technologies Pvt Ltd. was formed to ensure that DOWC and its family of companies are able to consistently provide the most innovative and effective technology to our dealers and their customers.

Our services provide freedom and transparency, plain and simple. We strive through our technology to give our dealers clear, accessible reporting and give consumers an outstanding user experience with their contracts and claims. That is what set us on our journey. Today, our tech expertise is the backbone and key differentiator making DOWC stand out from the crowd in the F&I industry.

A Winning Culture

What is the biggest win for DOWC? Creating a culture where everyone is passionate and excited to work toward the goal of transforming the F&I industry through technology!

What You’ll Find at Guindy Chennai

The majority of the work at this location includes support, development and maintenance of web applications, data management, data analytics, and visualization. Some members of the team also handle accounting processes. 

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